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Full-Service Partners Deliver Conference Experiences Attendees Love and Revenue Streams Organizations Need

Full-Service Partners Deliver Conference Experiences Attendees Love and Revenue Streams Organizations Need

In-house events teams walk a fine line between planning the perfect event that captures the attention of today’s busy attendees while meeting internal revenue goals. To say that it is challenging to balance these two goals is an understatement. Both are important and the good news is, both can be accomplished!

I founded my firm 30 years ago and throughout that time, I’ve worked with dozens of organizations to plan events that meet internal and external expectations. We’ve seen it all when it comes to things that went right and things that could have been done differently. I’ve found that organizations that decide to outsource the full project - from management of speakers, sessions and logistics to exhibit sales and sponsorships are able to achieve the results their boards and other stakeholders desire. In addition to actual planning support, they get an outside perspective that keeps things fresh.

Conference Managers now partners with the team at Sponsorship Boost to give associations and societies the opportunity to access full-service convention planning. We executive the logistics and management while Sponsorship Boost uses its expertise to handle the exhibit and sponsorship sales.

Our goal is partnering is to give organizations the most convenient way to utilize these services by offering them under one roof. They get everything they need in from a single seamless team. We can support your in-house team or act as your event planning arm if you don’t have one in house.

Our joint offering gives our clients:

  • Well-managed, detailed and creative events - Each event is produced by a team of event planning veterans. We place great importance on delivering events-big and small- on time and within budget.
  • Innovative exhibit and sponsorship packages - Exhibitors need the right tools to connect with their audiences and reach new ones. That’s why sponsorship packages can’t be cookie-cutter. We take the time to create unique opportunities that exhibitors appreciate.
  • Revenue-boosting sales tactics - Great sales numbers are important, but so is adhering to industry best practices and association accreditation guidelines, so we do both to generate real results.
  • Access to event planning and sales experts - The Conference Managers and Sponsorship Boost teams are filled with experienced event professionals who focus solely on association conferences and have broad knowledge of what works in a variety of industries.
  • Technology driven planning and sales actions - Our use of technology effectively manages speakers, sessions, logistics, as well as increases sales for exhibits and sponsorships.

We’re excited to bring this opportunity to the association world. We’d love to help you reach new heights with your event’s goals.Contact us to learn more about our team and our full-service package.

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