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  1. Spring has proven to be quite bustling for CM Event Solutions!

    By: Elizabeth Davis, CEM

  2. The Balance of Networking and Event Content

    By: Matthew Laws


    By: Heather Seasholtz, CMP Fellow, DES

  4. 6 Perks of Partnering with a Third-Party Event Management Firm

    CM Event Solutions — formerly known as Conference Managers — aims to create exceptional events by connecting people through meaningful experiences.

  5. CM Event Solutions: A Fresh Approach to Event Management

    CM Event Solutions Press Release

  6. 2023 with the covid virus as the 0

    What is the Impact of COVID-19 on Conferences and Events in 2023 and beyond?

    Matt Laws talks about the impact of COVID-19 on conferences and what it means for the future.

  7. Photograph of Heather Seasholtz

    Our VP named Global Events Visionary by MarketID

    Heather Seasholtz has been named a Global Events Visionary by MarketID for her dedication to the global events community.

  8. Heather Seasholtz speaking at Educon

    History Starts Now

    Our Vice President of Operations, Heather Seasholtz, talks about planning for the future in a the PCMA newsletter.

  9. Summertime at Conference Managers

    Spend a few minutes to hear from our new VP and what she's been up to so far at CM.

  10. 15 Lessons We’ve Learned from Planning Virtual Events This Summer

    After an intense spring and summer spent transitioning in-person events to virtual platforms, the Conference Managers team is sharing their lessons learned so that event organizers are prepared to take on this new challenge and excel at delivering powerful online events.

  11. Plant Biology Annual Meeting: International Events Can Excel in Virtual World

    Hear how the American Society of Plant Biologists embraced a virtual strategy to transform its Annual Scientific Meeting and achieve record new attendee numbers.

  12. Strategizing Your Virtual or Hybrid Event

    While the future remains uncertain, association event planners can use innovation, ingenuity, and available resources to determine a new path forward.

  13. The Onsite Experience After COVID-19

    The on-site experience for attendees may be very different in the future. Here is a list of items and questions to keep in mind when planning events in the wake of COVID-19.

  14. Rescheduling Events: Your Guide on Where to Start

    Event organizers have been facing unbelievable pressure to decide how to handle the events they’ve planned for this year. Cancel? Postpone?

  15. Coronavirus: What Event Planners Should Do About COVID-19

    Being prepared ahead of time is the best option for event managers to mitigate the situation and limit its impact on the event.

  16. Full-Service Partners Deliver Conference Experiences Attendees Love and Revenue Streams Organizations Need

    It's all about finding that balance between the perfect event and meeting revenue goals.

  17. 22 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Event

    When budgets are tight these cost-saving tips can help you keep things under control.

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